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Barbara Allen - Author


Bernard Cribbins -


Jill Shilling -

Loads of other silly voices

Mark Benton -

Pyla Dog

Wayne Forester -

Arfur Worm

Ulani Seaman - Edith

One of Britain's most well-loved actors. Bernard has starred in everything from Fawlty Towers to Dr Who.

He was of course the voice behind the Wombles, and the legendary "Right Said Fred" (Not that one).

He's Bernard bloomin' Cribbins.

If you've watched children's TV, you've heard Wayne's voice.

He was Roly Mo in The Fimbles, Dad in Horrid Henry, and Captain Scarlet in "New Captain Scarlet".

His squeekiness skills are unsurpassed.

Seven year old Ulani was discovered specially for the role of Edith.

She likes dancing and, of course, acting. She has a great future ahead of her. She is also quite bonkers.

Mark is a great character actor with a string of brilliant roles under his belt, including Waterloo Road, Early Doors, & Dr Who.

And of course his feet starred in Strictly Come Dancing 2013.

Jill's pedigree in children's programming is phenomenal.

She was in Bananaman for goodness' sake.

There was the Mr Men and Chuggington too.

Barbara Allen - Author

As the creator and writer of The Mudds, Barbara has Arfur worm living in her head. She's also the Director of the Centre for Mathematics Education at The Open University.


Toby Longworth -

Male silly voices

A brilliant comic actor who's been in "Not Going Out", "Horrible HIstories" and "Star Wars: The Phantom Menace".