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Meet The Mudds!

Arfur worm pyla gramps

The Mudd Family lives in Duckpool.

One of them woofs. One of them wriggles. One is old. The other one is Edith.


In Duckpool Town lives Edith Mudd ...

With her Gramps,

so old and grey.

Edith might only be 7 years old but she's brave and very sensible. She loves going on adventures with her Gramps because she never knows what might happen!


Edith loves football, getting muddy, and solving mysteries. She likes nothing more than putting on her wellies, and heading out with her best friends to save the day?

Gramps is old but he's loads of fun.

He loves jelly, custard and string vests.


If there's a competition to win, or a challenge to be had, Gramps will take it on. He might not always get things right but he'll give it a good try.Gramps finds adventures around every corner.

Pyla looks like he's been dragged through a hedge backwards (and forwards) and he smells.

He can't help it. He doesn't like baths.


He does like sleeping though and he'll eat anything that looks like food.


Pyla can't speak but he knows what's going on. He likes laughing at Gramps' daft ideas except when they involve Pyla getting wet.

They have help

from Pyla Dog ...

Arfur Worm is Edith's best friend.

He's a hero. And yes, he's also a worm but that doesn't matter.


He can fly, he can build telephone systems and more often than not he saves the day.


He's the real brains of the family and he's always boldy going where no worm has gone before. Boldy.

They've a hero with a squirm ...